Name dropping and business references

Name dropping and business references

For successful cold calling there are several techniques that should be applied. One technique that should be exhibited is state of mind. Get into a mindset that allows you to convey confidence and relaxation in your voice. You must know and feel that your task is going to be effective with cold calls.


Another helpful technique in cold calling is name dropping. There are two ways to use the name dropping technique.


The first technique in name dropping is to use a referral name from within the company. For example; I spoke with George and he said he is not the decision maker; you should really speak with Tom in finance. Once you reach Tom, say something such as “Hi Tom, I spoke with George and he said you were the man to speak with about finance”. Using an internal name for name dropping or as a referral from inside the company makes the call feel somewhat warmer than a true cold call.


The second way to use the name dropping technique is to provide company name reference during your cold calls. For example: Hi Sharon, We are currently working with ABS shop in your area. They are using our service to create a unique customer experience for their clients”. Most prospects will drop their guard when hearing the name of a like local business that is utilizing the same service.


Often, using names of any kind will eliminate the skepticism that most gatekeepers have as to whether or not your call is a sales call or a personal call. If you are asking for the contact by first name, in most cases, the person answering the phone will transfer you with little questions.


Practice on the delivery and focus on the success. Rich Enterprises Inc has many marketing programs that fit most industries. We provide lead generation, appointment setting and market research for companies that want to test the waters.

How To Manage A Successful Sales Team

Sales team management takes experience and a game plan. The success of your business depends on a successful sales team. 

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