Sales Motivation Tips

It can really be difficult to stay positive if sales are down. How can you stay motivated? Start out every SALES MOTIVATIONMonday with goals in mind. First, plan for the week and then think about the month.  Starting the week with fresh planning and work will help keep you on track and focused. Steer clear of “the Negative Nancy”. If you hear enough negativity, you will start to think like they do.

The Art of Change

Have sales really changed over the years? When talking with other salespeople, I often hear- “You know..I think sales have changed, it should be out with the old and in with the new”. They are referring to Business via social media.

I like to think that I am old school in regards to sales. I like the idea of exceptional customer service, honesty and building rapport with prospects. Modern technology has taken us into a world of fast-paced social media sites that salespeople tend to think will close the sale for them.

There are many business prospects out there that will seek business contacts via social media but there are also those that choose to do business the old fashion way.  The old school prospects have the modern mobile technology available to them but decline some features since they don’t want to be bothered with sales 24/7.

Sales should be addressed as every other process. Keep your training updated, your approaches fresh and stick with what works for you in sales.


B2B Sales Strategies for Inside Sales Success

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Sales Motivation Tips | B2B Sales Strategies for Inside Sales Teams


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