Oct 5, 2017

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Email marketing

Email marketing is another way to market to prospects with virtually no cost. Put together an email marketing program that has these factors in mind:

  • Objectives-what do you hope to accomplish with your program.
  • Email addresses-actively collect email addresses throughout your marketing campaigns to use for an email program. Verify contacts give permission to be contacted in the future to avoid spam issues.
  • Newsletter-use a newsletter service such as Constant Contact to distribute your email marketing. Plan to distribute a newsletter bi-monthly or monthly.
  • Direct links-in your publication, provide direct links to your website to provide instant access to your company.
  • Updates-provide company updates and or specials in your email marketing campaign.

Email campaigns are more casual since they can be mass distributed and provide contact with current and future prospects on a regular basis.  Rich Enterprises Inc has a great program called 3M that helps businesses with multiple touches including email marketing. If you need assistance with your next email marketing campaign, lead generation or appointment setting program-contact us – www.richworldwide.com



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