Small Talks Leads to Big Things

Small Talks Leads to Big Things

Idle chit- chat with a gatekeeper can help you reach the decision maker. Below I will discuss tactics for building rapport with gatekeepers.

First of all, you only get one chance to make a first impression, so remember be cheerful. Be friendly and take good notes. Listen to what she says, her name, her tone of voice, her disposition, and her temperament. These are all good signs to be aware of – as you call on different company gate keepers.

If you think she has a nice name, you should tell her. She will love it and will become friendlier. Sometimes, I will say something like that is my mom or my sister’s name. Most responses to genuine complements are nice. Use this time while she is still reacting to your compliments to ask those questions you need answers to.

The strategy I use iskill ’em with kindness. Showing that you care creates a rapport that will you get to the decision maker quicker.

Another way is to ask the gatekeeper “I am looking for the person who takes care of_____. Is that John?” Usually, the gatekeeper will say that this person is no longer there and will tell me who I need to talk to or the gatekeeper will say “Yes, he is the correct person.” Then state “I know he is busy but may I speak with him?”

Let’s face it – these techniques will not work every time. Some gatekeepers do their job very well, but if you keep on calling, eventually all the ducks will fall in line and you will get what you need to reach your goal.

Remember the darkest hour is just before dawn. Never give up. Stay positive. Things will work out with strong, serious efforts.

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