Small Talk Leads to Big Things

Small Talk Leads to Big Things: Idle chit- chat with a gatekeeper can help you reach the decision makers. Prepare your cold calling game plan before you make your first call. Remember, we get one chance to make a first impression, so always present a cheerful approach and don’t forget to smile. Be friendly with the receptionist and take good solid notes. Listen to the tone of voice, demeaner and responsiveness in helping you.

Make small talk with the gatekeeper. Talk about the present weather or maybe the upcoming ball game. If its holiday time, ask if she has big plans or prepared for the extra guests for the busy season. Sometimes taking the time to get to know someone allows them to put down their guard and become friendly. They always say “kill em with kindness” and that works in sales as well.

Another way to talk with a gatekeeper is to mention “I am looking for the person who takes care of your accounting. I have John listed in my database but I’m not really sure if that is the person I need to talk with. Can you help me?” Asking for help is a great way to build rapport and get the necessary information to continue with your call.

Usually, the gatekeeper will let you know if that person handles the product or service you are calling about. Then mention to her,” I know they are super busy, is it possible they are available this afternoon? If not, do you know the best time to call back?”

Small talk techniques will not work for every call but will provide company name recognition and rapport with new companies. Some gatekeepers have more decision-making power than others. Make certain to handle the receptionists carefully since they can make or break your progress with a new company.  

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Small Talk Leads to Big Things

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