Setting the Stage for Sales Success

Daily sales success starts for everyone differently. For me, I prepare a mental schedule in my mind the night before the upcoming work day. I create a game plan of how I want my day to go with goals to reach and prepare a plan for success.  It all begins with setting the stage for sales success.

First part of my work day is spent reviewing my campaign script with objections and rebuttals highlighted to stand out for quick reference. I review my call back reports from previous notations and make a short list of the hot calls for the day.

Setting the Stage for Sales Success

Setting the Stage for Sales Success

Planning to read the notes from the previous call will give you much needed history for successful follow-up in progression with closing the deal.

Let’s face it, sometimes the best laid out plans still go astray. When this happens, be quick on your feet to be able to spin the conversation in the direction needed to keep the call on track.   Setting the stage for sales success allows you to start your day with a well laid plan.

Telemarketing and sales can be a rewarding job but can be frustrating with the bumps and curves in the road. Do you need help with your sales planning?  Additional sales strategies can be found here:

Our team can help you with the outbound calling efforts.  We specialize in both commercial and industrial accounts and perform cold calling, lead generation, and appointment setting.

Check out the different programs that Rich Enterprises Inc has to offer:

  • Lead generation
  • Appointment Setting
  • Market research
  • 3M specialized marketing
  • New product roll – out
  • Sales training/mentoring

How To Manage A Successful Sales Team

Sales team management takes experience and a game plan. The success of your business depends on a successful sales team. 

We have over 25 years experience managing sales teams, with a focus on HVAC appointment setting sales, refrigeration telemarketing, industrial sales appointment setting, mechanical lead generation, oil &  gas inside sales, and commercial sales team training.

Contact our telemarketing experts to find out how we can jump-start your business goals now.

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