Retaining Key Sales People

Retaining key sales people is vital to your business. Good sales people are tough to come by and the top sales people are even harder to retain.

How can you retain your top sales people?

  • Awards – Top sales people like to be recognized. Praise them for a job well done. Make a point to provide awards or sales meetings that recognize the top performers.
  • Incentives – Everyone likes to receive rewards for a job well done. Choose
  • appropriate incentives for top performers such as dinner and a movie or day passes to special events.
  • Train – Provide training to keep sales people fresh. Spending money on training is a great way to boost your revenue and show your sales team how important they are to you and your business. Studies show it takes approximately one- and one-half years salary to bring a new hire up to full production.
  • Feedback – Ask for feedback from your sales team for future projects. Instill upon them the vision and mission of your company and how they’re an integral part. People like to feel like they are part of an organization that appreciates their input and truly cares about them.

Companies receive the largest rewards from their top sales people with increased sales. Management should train their sales people, prod them, and acknowledge their performance. By doing this, top performers will produce for the company for many years to come.

Do you have key sales people providing leads and appointments for your company?

Rich Enterprises Inc has a seasoned team of professionals that have an average of 22 years of business experience. We provide marketing programs that can include: market research, appointment setting, lead generation and training.

We can certainly help with sales training. See our website for more information.

Retaining key sales people

How To Manage A Successful Sales Team

Sales team management takes experience and a game plan. The success of your business depends on a successful sales team. 

We have over 25 years experience managing sales teams, with a focus on HVAC appointment setting sales, refrigeration telemarketing, industrial sales appointment setting, mechanical lead generation, oil &  gas inside sales, and commercial sales team training.

Contact our telemarketing experts to find out how we can jump-start your business goals now.


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