Refining Your Scripting

Refining Your Scripting

All marketing scripts have to be tested before settling on the one that works best for your business. The best way to determine what works best is to try variations of your sales pitch/ scripting and see what type of feedback is received for each approach.

Here are a few things to evaluate when reviewing your script:

Length of script – Do you find that you are frequently interrupted or cut off during your conversation? Brevity is key to all scripts. Typical prospects will give a sales person approximately 30 seconds to peak their interest. 30 seconds gives sales people time for a brief introduction of both the company and the offering.

Tone – Is your sales pitch conversational? Having a sales conversation with a prospect should always be a casual phone conversation. Treat the conversation as if you are speaking with a friend.

Talking points – Are you getting past the initial part of your sales pitch but losing prospects on the key points? Evaluate your talking points. Make your top talking points their pain points. Ask key questions such as “What keeps you up at night?”

Ethics – Honesty and business ethics are important in every aspect of a marketing program. If you tell a prospect something, you need to follow-up through. For example- If you mention getting back to them on Tuesday, set a reminder for yourself to follow-up. Rapport is an important part of the sales process.

Review your approach and verbiage and make the necessary changes as needed. Learn from others
in your industry. What works for them may very well work for you. Always remember, when you are not a sales person, you are a customer. What do you want to hear?

Do you need help developing a successful marketing script?

How To Manage A Successful Sales Team

Sales team management takes experience and a game plan. The success of your business depends on a successful sales team. 

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