Powerful Words That Sell

Powerful Words That Sell

Here are some positive words that will help you to make more sales:

Achieve, advantage, agree, beauty, benefit, character, charming, determined, fun, good, helpful, hope, ideal, industrious, investment (rather than cost), joy, kind, lovely, maximum, opportunity, pleasant, productive, rejoice, reliable, satisfy, save, smile, success, truth, unique, valuable, victory, introducing, exclusive, highest, affordable, high tech, superior, reliable, improved and profitable.

By using the correct words, you can help bridge the communication gap therefore convincing the buyer to consider your product first. Using certain words can and will make individuals act. Mix and match positive words to create your sales presentation and then measure the results and adjust the wording as necessary. Try to sum up the benefits and value of your product or service.

A salesperson is always a counselor as well as a good sales person never sell anything. Salespeople introduce people to products or services and never mention cost. Good Sales people never say it is going to cost you so much or that you have to pay a certain amount since customers know they must pay for products and services since nothing is free.

Mention the quality of the product and its benefits to the customer. Then, when the customer is interested and in a position where he can see how he can use your product or service, he will naturally be more likely to buy. Nobody wants a product that they have to pay for; they want it to be free. And remember you don’t have to tell people what they have to do since they are not required to do anything.

Phrases like ‘have to’ and ‘the costs are’ and ‘your price’ should never be mentioned. You might use the word investment instead of cost because when people make an investment it is to their benefit.

The buyer must always see a benefit and a need before they purchase a product or service.

You are able to make the sale because you are a good counselor and that is how you become a good salesperson.

How To Manage A Successful Sales Team

Sales team management takes experience and a game plan. The success of your business depends on a successful sales team. 

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