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reaching decision makers

Refining Your Scripting

Refining Your Scripting All marketing scripts have to be tested before settling on the one that works best ...
reaching decision makers

Overcoming Sales Objections

Overcoming Objections It seems like that we hear in the news is doom and gloom. The media talks ...
reaching decision makers

Sales Team Motivation

Motivating Your Sales Team Sales people are generally competitive by nature and each person has something that drives ...

Infographics tell the old story in a new way

Infographics are a unique way to use graphics to provide information.   INFO + GRAPHICS = Telling your story ...

Using reporting to modify your inside sales program

For our clients, we utilize a daily report to monitor the results of your cold calling programs.   These reports ...

Happy Holidays from Rich Enterprises, Inc!

Rich Enterprises Inc will be closed on Monday December 19, 2016 through Tuesday January 3, 2017 in observance ...

Planning your sales initiatives for 2017

Wow!  Hard to believe that 2017 is quickly approaching.   We are certainly keeping plenty busy with new and ...

Sales team and client retention

Nothing brings a client back sooner than having the ability to select the services of the same sales ...
reaching decision makers

Best Kept Gatekeeper Tactics

Best Kept Gatekeeper Tactics The gatekeeper's job is to shield key personnel from needless interruptions. They often want ...
reaching decision makers

Creating Positive Climates Within Your Organization

Creating Positive Climates Within Your Organization In order to succeed in the sales world, we have to maintain ...

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