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Smiling While Dialing for Successful Sales Calls

Cold calling and telemarketing is not for everyone. Smiling While Dialing for Successful Sales Calls takes practice, effort, ...
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Overcoming Objections After an Election

Many times, after an election, sales people hear the objection, "I can't do anything until I know what ...
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Locating Decision Makers | Working with Gatekeepers | Quick Cold Calling Tips

Locating decisions makes is tough. Locating decision makers is one of the biggest challenges in cold calling The ...
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Planning Cold Calling Campaigns

Planning cold calling campaigns is critical to sales success. If you want a successful lead generation program, you'll ...
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Probing Questions in B2B Sales

Cold calling is a task that most sales reps don't wish to do. but asking the right probing ...
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How to Measure Direct Mail Success

how-to-measure-direct-mail-successHow to Measure Direct Mail Success In past articles, we've discussed direct mail campaigns and why direct mail ...
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How To Sales Objections

How To Sales Objections: Casual Sales Comebacks When talking with sales prospects, always remember that you only get ...

Hot leads in the summer months

The temperatures outside can be seen unbearable during the summer months, but this time of year can also ...

Warms leads to heat up summer sales

Cold calling is reaching out to cold business prospects that are not familiar with your offering.  Cold calling ...

Our sales Team

We have an experienced, seasoned marketing team working with us at Rich Enterprises. We don’t just  consider them ...

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