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5 Rules for Telemarketing Campaign Success

Every marketing program starts out with a plan. The plan will have an objective or predetermined goal that ...
telemarketing calls

Gatekeeper tactics – Tricks for reaching your contact

Wondering how you can get past the gatekeeper to locate the decision makers and have more successful calls? ...

Importance of Sales Projections

The Importance of Sales Projections - Sales projections are an integral part to the success of your business. ...

Increasing Your Sales Pipeline With B2B Telemarketing

Keeping your sales pipeline full is quite the challenge. In sales, we always think the best way to ...
Top mistakes made on sales calls

Strategic Pausing in Scripting

Strategic Pausing in Scripting - So often in the Sales and Telemarketing business, we feel that to sell ...

Processing Feedback from a Telemarketing Campaign

Processing feedback from a telemarketing campaign is an important part of any marketing program. Feedback allows businesses to ...

Commencing a Cold Calling Campaign

Commencing a cold calling campaign -Before you begin an inside sales or cold calling campaign, there are several ...

What Makes a Great Marketer?

What makes a great marketer? This is really a tough question since not any two sales people are ...

Telemarketing Works for Commercial and Industrial

Listed below are some very good reasons why B2B telemarketing works within the commercial and industrial sectors: • ...

Rejuvenate Old Prospects

We all have those prospects that we have contacted multiple times but no sale has ever been made. ...

B2B Telemarketing

B2B Telemarketing Sales Marketing Articles. Best B2B Inside Sales Training Blog Tips, techniques, and strategies for sales team management.

A successful B2B telemarketing campaign helps you to zero in on the businesses that need your services, helps you to build brand awareness, builds the business relationship, and can direct you to additional growth opportunities. Targeted telemarketing campaigns that ensure high volumes of quality prospects are the way to go in terms of securing ROI.

As a professional lead generation company for the past 20 years, our team has the experience that delivers results. We specialize in telemarketing for HVAC, Commercial, Refrigeration, Janitorial, Mechanical, Industrial, and Oil and Gas Companies.


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