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Rejuvenate Old Prospects

We all have those prospects that we have contacted multiple times but no sale has ever been made. ...

In-house or Outsourcing

Which is best for you? Although many companies find that outsourcing their lead generation function to a professional ...

Flexibility and style in telemarketing

How often does a telemarketer call you talking so fast he or she won't let you get a ...
The advantages of telemarketing speak volumes in sales successes

Nurturing Warm Leads

As entrepreneurs, you may be familiar with nurturing warm leads. In many experiences, an initial cold call can ...

Trial Period for Testing Telemarketing

Planning a marketing project is a time-consuming project and one that would require a trial period for testing ...

Competitive Analysis and Marketing

Incorporating Competitive Analysis Results into your Next marketing Campaign   Once you have completed a competitor analysis, use ...

Motivating Sales Reps

Anyone who has managed a sales team knows that there are times when their sales team needs a ...

Competition Analysis Review

Competition Analysis Review - Knowing where you stand and how you compare can be critical. The advantages of ...

Lead follow-up is essential

How to prepare for contacting a new lead since lead follow-up is essential in sales. Let’s begin by ...

Unique Niches for Telemarketing

We have certainly worked with a variety of industries that have unique niches for telemarketing. The business types ...

B2B Sales Strategies

B2B Sales Strategies for Inside Sales Teams. Sales Blog articles for sales training. Expert sales closing tips, techniques, and sales plans inside and outside sales.

The best way to increase your chances of B2B sales success is to take a look at your prospect. Think about your prospect’s company and what their needs are likely to be. You should know your B2B sales prospect inside and out so you can get right to the main goals that matter.

We are a professional B2B sales and lead generation marketing company that focuses on HVAC, Refrigeration, Mechanical, Industrial, Janitorial, Commercial, Utility and Oil and Gas companies. We are experienced with your target customers needs and easily zero in, to close sales and set appointments.


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