Initial Conversations with Prospects

Every marketing company has their own “style or technique” for making cold calls and starting initial conversations with prospects. When a company decides they want to use our marketing services for their business, we have conference calls to talk about their company. This call will allow us to ask questions about their business such as:

  1. What is your niche?
  2. Who do you want to target?
  3. What makes your business stand out in the crowd?
  4. Do you have a contact list?
  5. What about marketing collateral?
  6. Do you have web presence?

We develop a customized program/script for every business that comes on board with us as a client. This becomes the starting point to the initial conversations with prospects. We tailor each program specifically starting with who they are and how they can help the companies they want to target. We also share how services or products will benefit the prospect and bring added value to their company. This is all done in the initial conversation since, after all, you only have about 15 seconds to get enough information to a prospect to pique their interest.

How to Approach Cold Calling?

Initial Conversations with Prospects

Prospects are familiar with sales calls, telemarketers, and others that do telephone business. The tone of a call should be very “conversational” and not become too “salesy.” Our ultimate goal is to establish a great relationship with prospects while building rapport and creating long term business customers.

Every marketing campaign starts with careful planning, established goals in mind, and a solid process for taking prospects through a journey to eventually become a sale or long-term customer.

Get Started With Rich Enterprises

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How To Manage A Successful Sales Team

Sales team management takes experience and a game plan. The success of your business depends on a successful sales team. 

We have over 25 years experience managing sales teams, with a focus on HVAC appointment setting sales, refrigeration telemarketing, industrial sales appointment setting, mechanical lead generation, oil &  gas inside sales, and commercial sales team training.

Contact our telemarketing experts to find out how we can jump-start your business goals now.


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