How To Create Successful Sales Scripts


Create Successful Sales Scripts

As you open new doors and converse with new prospects, you need to be prepared with solid telemarketing Scripts. In this article, we’re going to discuss the do’s and the don’ts related to successful telemarketing Scripts.


How To Telemarketing Scripts – The “Do’s for Success”


Do # 1 -Good scripting is short and concise. There is a very short window of time to make an initial impression and concise scripting is brief so that you can present key points quickly.

Do #2 -Include industry lingo. Including industry lingo demonstrates that you are an insider that is part of their industry.

Do #3 -Demonstrate your unique insights and understanding of their specific needs.  Establish a conversational tone that allows you to showcase your unique understanding and insights.

Do #4 -Emphasize their needs. Be prepared to show empathy and understanding for their key concerns, while demonstrating your unique ability to provide benefits.

Do #5 – Identity with their existing problems and concerns.  Tell them how you help them solve problems.

Do #6 -Present a wide overview of your offering, but be prepared to talk about specifics and details if they ask.

Do #7 -Remember your key mission. Stay focused. In most cases, your goal is to start a conversation, to acquire an email address, to pique their interest, or to obtain permission to have additional conversations in the future. You probably don’t need to make the actual sale and simply need to focus on qualifying the lead.

Do #8 – Be prepared to pause and to listen.  Write your scripting so that it includes natural pauses where you can listen, get their feedback, and then adjust the course as necessary.

Do #9 – Focus on the relationship and building rapport. In marketing, the initial call is really about opening the door and starting that relationship. People like to do business with people that they trust and like, so establishing trust and credibility is key.

Do #10 -Above all, always be yourself and be conversational. Scripting is a tool that guides the conversation where you want it to go, but ultimately you need to be yourself.


How To Telemarketing Scripts – The “Don’t’s for Success”


Let’s cover a few of the “don’ts” for telemarketing scripts.

Don’t # 1 – Don’t cram all of your talking points into the introductory call. Your prospect is probably looking for an overview and if the overview is well presented, they might later ask for specifics.

Don’t # 2 – Don’t dominate the conversation.   Your prospect does not want you to recite a litany of key talking points but rather needs a dialogue where you take time to listen.

Don’t # 3 – Don’t create a flowchart with pages of if / then scenarios.   We have seen scripts that are 5 pages long with massive flows charts for yes and no answers, followed by with lengthy over-rehearsed rebuttals.

Don’t #4 – Don’t prepare one script for all scenarios. Inside your target audience is a multitude of niche market segments and you need to be prepared to adapt quickly to each of those segments, so you may need different scripting for different niches.

Don’t # 5 – Don’t focus on you and your company. You should rather be focused on their needs and how you can help with them resolve an issue.

Don’t # 6 – Don’t expect to have all the answers. Be prepared to think on your feet. Be ready to research and to get back to the prospect if they have difficult questions.

In summary, when you create successful sales scripts with concise key talking points is crucial to your success.  Be prepared with supplemental points based on where the conversation goes.   Be prepared to go with the flow. As you open new proverbial doors and converse with new prospects, let your script guide the conversation.

Whenever we start a new campaign, we spend hours preparing a complete program outline and scripting, so that we are ready to achieve success from day one.   If you need help with your key talking points and your scripting, please let us know.

How To Manage A Successful Sales Team

Sales team management takes experience and a game plan. The success of your business depends on a successful sales team. 

We have over 25 years experience managing sales teams, with a focus on HVAC appointment setting sales, refrigeration telemarketing, industrial sales appointment setting, mechanical lead generation, oil &  gas inside sales, and commercial sales team training.

Contact our telemarketing experts to find out how we can jump-start your business goals now.


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