Commencing a Cold Calling Campaign

Commencing a cold calling campaign -Before you begin an inside sales or cold calling campaign, there are several key questions you should address with your sales team:

  • What would a quality sales appointment look like?   How would those leads or appointments be qualified? Are you looking for true leads or would in person sales appointments better suit your needs?
  • What questions need to answered to further qualify the lead? For example: When are you available to purchase new items? Budget cycle year or as needed?
  • What makes a lead or sales appointment viable? Do the viable leads need to have an immediate need or maybe your timeframe is within 6 months?
  • How many leads or appointments do they need to be effective?    What is the threshold where they are most effective?   How many qualified leads or appointments can they handle?
  • How will they convert those leads into sales and what tools could they use to more effective?
  • What is your sales process? Do you start with a warm call to introduce yourself and then sent info via email? Or is meeting face to face more your sales style?
Commencing a Cold Calling Campaign

If you are commencing a cold calling campaign, please remember that formulation of the program prior to calling efforts is critical.   The program should be structured so that it meets your needs in terms of quantity, quality, and conversion.

Set realistic goals for the cold calling campaign. Maybe you are looking for x number of leads in the 1st forty hours of calls or maybe you would like to see 2 solid sales appointments in a 30-day time frame.

Rich Enterprises Inc has an excellent plan in place for Commencing a cold calling campaign.

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How To Manage A Successful Sales Team

Sales team management takes experience and a game plan. The success of your business depends on a successful sales team. 

We have over 25 years experience managing sales teams, with a focus on HVAC appointment setting sales, refrigeration telemarketing, industrial sales appointment setting, mechanical lead generation, oil &  gas inside sales, and commercial sales team training.

Contact our telemarketing experts to find out how we can jump-start your business goals now.

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