Aug 2, 2017

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Writing effective emails

The easiest way to reach someone quickly is via email. How can you write an email that will not get deleted? Chances are some of your emails will get deleted or thrown into a spam folder but here are a few ways to boost your odds:

  1. Brevity-Be short and to the point. Chances are if you have a quick question or comment, getting to the point will get your email answered quickly.
  2. Subject line-a lot of times I will send a quick email to someone with my question in the subject line. This tells them the answer is needed quickly and it is a short question.
  3. Proofing. Read your emails before sending. We are all busy and sending out an email that does not give pertinent details or has information missing lacks professionalism and is less likely to get answered.
  4. Grammar. Just because it is an email does not mean it is any less important. Check your spelling and grammar before sending all emails.

Email is a great communication tool for marketing. Rich Enterprises offers many programs that can include email marketing. As a matter of fact, many of our present clients are using our new 3M program that incorporates a newsletter.  Let us help with your next successful marketing campaign.

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