May 31, 2017

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What makes a great marketer?

This is really a tough question since not any two sales people are alike. Everyone’s sales style and approach is just as different as their genetic make-up. You may find that some marketers are similar in traits such as organization and tenacity but not going to be the same in regards to sales approach and drive.

What is a great marketer?

A good marketer is one that is knowledgeable about the sales process and product or service being offered as well as enthusiastic about the job.

Rich Enterprises has a marketing team that is experienced in all aspects of the sales process. They are seasoned in all industries and have the ability to carry on a sales conversation with Executive decision makers.

We understand that not everyone is qualified for every account; therefore we take the time to match our marketers with accounts in certain industries.

Let us provide your next marketing program. Our packages include: a program outline with sample scripts (email, voicemail and confirmation) objections and rebuttals, training of the marketer, as well as contact list preparation.

Let us plan and execute your next successful marketing program, contact us (888) 443-5247.


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