May 25, 2017

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Telemarketing is a tough business

Telemarketing is a very competitive business and can be a rough-and-tumble industry.    The classic image of a telemarketer is someone reading from a script as fast as possible – never pausing to allow the prospect time to respond and is often seen as overly aggressively.

We think of our Inside Sales Team as sales people – rather than as telemarketers.   A professional inside sales team exhibits the following characteristics:

  • Bringing forth years of experience in inside sales.  Our team has an average of 6.4 years in business to business cold calling (not including other sales experience).
  • Ability to utilize a script as an outline for their call.   They should be able to present the important points of interest with a casual unscripted tone – while pausing to obtain answers to key questions from the prospect
  • Detailed and thorough – In our business, quality is always emphasized over quantity.   Fifty attempts with a speed dialer and a hasty approach is not the same as 20 calls per hour in which the marketer can pause to have in-depth conversations with your prospects.
  • If you have additional questions regarding our team of Inside sales Reps, please feel free to contact us and review our quick profiles guide.

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