Sales funnels are your business crystal ball.

What is a marketing funnel? A marketing funnel is simply taking a piece of paper and drawing an old fashion funnel. In this funnel you are going to list products and services or current offerings and the benefits to prospects. Some companies use the marketing funnel to fill in gaps in their products or services offered or add to their current offerings.  By using the “old piece of paper” method, you are listing in black in white the key talking points to any conversation or sales process.

In reality, things have changed and now our sales funnels are electronically created for us. Often, our CRM software has nice graphics and sales funnels already calculated for us.

Rich Enterprises does not use the marketing funnel but uses a program outline for our marketing program. In our program outline, we provide customized details for every company. In the program outline, we provide demographics, an overview of the lead generation or appointment setting program, sample scripting and sample objections/rebuttals that might be encountered during a marketing call.

Determine your process for executing sales to include a marketing funnel, a cold calling marketing program or a sales program that includes a program outline with Rich Enterprises. to get started on your next marketing program at