Sep 27, 2017

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Rejuvenated leads

What can you do with leads or assumed dead prospects?  Put together a program that is focused on rejuvenation of old leads. The old prospects are ones that have bought or used your services in the past but are not currently active clients.


How can you rejuvenate them?

  • Phone-Reach out to them via phone-see what is new with their business and bring them up to speed on your business practices.
  • Email-send a generic mass email to all those in your sales pipeline. Put together a template that gives detailed offerings as well as company updates.
  • Direct mail-put together a direct mail piece to mail out to prospects. Follow-up in one week after the mailer to answer questions with hopes to re-engage the prospect.

In business, we work really hard to qualify prospects and many businesses fail to continue to cultivate leads that are not instant sales. Work your pipeline in a cycle that continually brings old leads to the service allowing you to reach out to them-monthly, quarterly, or the next sales cycle.

Rich Enterprises offers a variety of marketing programs-cold calling, warm calling, lead generation, appointment setting and market research.

Contact us for more details: (888) 443-5247.

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