Sep 29, 2017

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Planning makes perfect

As a business owner and sales manager, we are always looking at the best ways to increase revenues and bring in new prospects.   The process looks something like this:

  • We look at a variety of possible campaigns (telemarketing, direct mail, internet marketing, etc) that might help us increase our market penetration or reach out to a new market.
  • We carefully review all options, determine the best direction, and test those strategies.
  • We evaluate our successes (and our failures), and implement a long term program for business development and growth.

Even though we develop the best of business development plans, we often fail to follow through.  Over time, the market changes, new regulations come into effect, or other factors change which make our carefully laid plans less effective.    We need to continue monitor all marketing and sales efforts to ensure that they are still bringing about the desired result (qualified leads, sales appointments, and strong revenue growth).

If you need help establishing a cold calling or telemarketing campaign or you need help in reviewing your current telemarketing campaign for effectiveness, please contact us at any time.


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