Aug 14, 2017

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Myths in Sales

There are many myths in sales. Here a few of my favorites:

  1. A sale is a sale. This one baffles me since every sale is on a different scale. One sale may lead to many more and one sale may be thousands of dollars more than the other. Changing your marketing efforts to target the industries you are seeking will benefit you long term. If your key product is Air conditioning, you are not going to want to target warehouses that do not have HVAC and have no need for your services.
  2. The Customer is always right. Have you ever had a customer that you could not satisfy? Your company had bent over backwards to accommodate this customer but still could not satisfy his demands. Most companies want happy and satisfied customers and therefore will do all within their power to please their clients and anticipate long-term business relationships. In business, you will find those that will not be happy and we should focus our positive marketing efforts on prospects that will be a part of our long-term sales pipeline.

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