May 17, 2017

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Game plan for your sales calls

Sales calls are a tough way to do business. How can you better prepare yourself for making cold calls?

First-put together a game plan for calls-cold calls, warm calls and then follow-up calls.  Prepare a script with objections and possible rebuttals for hurdles you might encounter while making sales calls.

Second-Role play. Practice your pitch with a co-worker or someone available to listen to your pitch, tempo of your voice and rebuttals. If you do not have anyone available, talk to a mirror or even record your sales call for a true presentation of your voice.

Finally-Prepare yourself with a list of needs for the prospect. The best sales happen because you are presenting prospects with a product or service that they need and use on a regular basis.

A solid sales game plan sets the stage for productive and successful sales calls.

Rich Enterprises has marketing programs that include cold calling, warm calling as well as lead generation and appointment setting. We take provide the script, calling list and entire program from start to finish. Check us out:


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