Nov 21, 2016

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Cold calling pressure

Let’s face it…cold calling is just not a fun job. I would much rather make warm calls to follow-up with a client than reach out to a brand new client that you are trying to sell services too.

Part of the pressure of cold calling is because you are reaching out to prospects that are running a business. You have no idea where they are in their day and never know if the timing of your call is going to catch them in the middle of a meeting or at lunch.

The best way to ward off marketing pressure is to be yourself; Be positive, sincere, respectful and most of all conversational. A prospect can tell right away if the call is a typical sales call or a one in which they will want to participate.

Our marketing team at Rich Enterprises has experience and knowledge in making cold calls, warm calls, market research and setting in person appointments that seem to take little or no effort on their part. Let us help you with your next successful marketing program:

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