Dec 7, 2016

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Changing your marketing focus due to economic factors

gauging_successWhen starting a marketing program with Rich Enterprises Inc., many companies will present us with their marketing ideas. Most companies will decide to target all businesses types that might be a viable prospect for them.

Since the economy has changed the way companies conduct business, our clients are changing their marketing focus. Many companies who would typically target smaller companies are now reaching out to larger companies that have a true need for their services. They are focusing on a smaller group or focused industry, but changing the number of employees they target. For example: Instead of calling manufacturers in the 0-9 category, they will now reach out to manufacturers in the 50+ employee count.

A successful marketing program takes careful planning which involves trial and error. Using our 4 week pilot program to test the marketing waters to determine to what avenue works best for your company will guide your journey to a full sales pipeline.

You may decide you want a cold calling program, warm calling after a direct mail piece, appointment setting services, or our new 3M program to make your marketing program a success.

If you need help creating your next custom telemarketing program, please contact us:


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