Jun 14, 2017

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Adding emails to your marketing efforts

With business ever changing due to economy or updated technology, we need to find ways to boost business and add to our current marketing efforts.

Using emails to increase sales prospecting is a great way to boost branding with little or no cost.

Develop an email campaign that complements your current sales process.  Put together a series of messages that are used at certain stages of your sales process.                                                                                       

Process examples might be:

Voicemail one-leave initial message in marketing plan

Voicemail two-leave the next message in this series

Email-Refer to the voicemails and simply ask if there is a good time to call or when can we get together?

With smart phones, many people are responding quicker and more frequently to emails compared to taking a lengthy phone call.

Make sure each of your emails provide your offerings as well as any specials you might have. Provide intent of the conversation you are seeking. If you are looking to do business or stop by to meet and greet your prospect, mention that in your email.

Adding emails to your current marketing program will provide one more touch to a prospect that could end up in a sale.

If you need help with your marketing program, let Rich Enterprises put together your next marketing program that can include emails.

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